To The People Of The Year 2025
by Rev. Robert J. Hermley

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When Hitler and his henchmen massacred millions of people in World War II, investigations were held at a later date in Nuremburg.  The major question asked again and again was, "Why didn't someone speak up?  Why didn't the world decry this bloodbath?"

Today, a new holocaust is killing millions of babies throughout America.  This new holocaust is the crime of abortion, and it has destroyed more children than Hitler and Stalin combined.  Someday, when people come to realize the enormity of this crime, they will ask, "Why didn't someone speak up?" So I write to those future generations to assure them that some of us pro-life people did.

To the people of the year 2025 A.D. I write to you with a heavy heart, but I feel you ought to know.  Someday you will come to realize what a terrible crime it was for our generation to tolerate and even approve abortion.  Little defenseless babies were torn by force from their mother's wombs ad dumped in buckets to die, all because their mothers didn't want them.  We called them unwanted.  Thousands begged these mothers to put these babies up for adoption, but the hard-hearted would rather see them die.  they called this "pro-choice."  their mothers said they were not ready for a child, they were not ready to assume responsibility, a child would hold them back from their desire to be free.  these women wanted wall-to-carpeting, a second car, a college degree, anything but a baby.  this slaughter of the innocent was even sanctioned by law.  The pro-choice, or rather pro-death, group were militant about their "right" to murder the unborn.  They said that a fetus was a blob or a thing, but they ignored medical proof that it was a human being with a brain and a beating hear - and a soul.

But, people of 2025, we American were not all like that, and the American people were not always that cruel.  God once blessed us Americans with a wonderful kindness.  We were once a nation ready to help anyone in need.  God smiled on our land from coast to coast.  He peopled the American continent with the most generous human beings every assembled from the four corners of the earth.  We were truly God's favorites.  With sheer determination and faith in God, we American made cities arise from arid land.  We were grateful to God in those days and, even by law, set aside a public day of thanksgiving - to God.  Would you believe it?  God continued to bless us as a nation, and we raised counties and towns in answer to our needs.  Cities flourished, and there seemed nothing that we could not do when we worked side by side with God.  then suddenly, something went wrong.

A small segment of our people demanded that we separate God from our daily lives, they said that, because they did not believe in God, they had a right to be free of religion.  they were vociferous, and succeeded in having their ideas taught in the public schools.  Children were taught about sex from A to Z, but were not allowed to be taught morality.  Morality had a religious connotation.  A value-free education was introduced with soon proved to be value-less.  Some of us cried out that no morality was also a religion, a religion of materialistic atheism.  In this type of religion man becomes an end in himself, a god.  But our voices were drowned out.  We were called witch-hunters.  Children were taught their rights, but they were not reminded that rights beget responsibility.  This made some children selfish.  Of course, there were always some god-fearing parents who continued to teach their children honor, love, and respect, as our successful forefathers had done.  But we were a minority.  The irrational dismissed us as being "on the right."  Many priests and nuns were also swept along in the materialistic craze.  I could never figure out why the didn't see the danger.  Children continued o e taught to question moral beliefs, especially the values of their parents, and to ignore the values of the Church.

As the teaching of materialistic atheism took hold, youth became alienated more and more from God.  When they experienced the void left by the lack of religious education, they sought a euphoria in drugs, drink and sex.  Their hedonism began to breed "unwanted" pregnancies.  But the godless had a remedy for that: abortion.  Millions of holy innocents were slaughtered under the guise of the "pro-choice" position.

Many wonderful Protestants joined with their Catholic friends to try to stop the slaughter of abortion.  The prostrated themselves in front of abortion clinics, but were hauled off to jail like cattle, all because they believed life begins at conception, that all life is sacred, that abortion was murder.  Yes, people of 2025, some of us did raise our voices against the new holocaust, but we were shouted down.  I feel you ought to know; some of us did care.  Some of us did protest.  We warned them that they were killing off the future doctors, teachers, priests and surgeons, but we were voted out of office by the baby killers.

How many of these holy innocents could have made this world a better place if they had been allowed to live?  How many Mother Teresas were slaughtered?  How many Tom Dooleys were sacrificed?  How many Lech Walesas never saw the light of day?

I do hope that in your time, the world has recovered from the bloodbath of abortion.  Jus as the blood of the martyrs became the seed of the Church, so too may the blood of the aborted become the seed of a new world, like the seed our forefathers planted a long time ago, when morality was the very core of our country.  It was George Washington himself who said in his farewell address, Sept. 1, 1796.

"Of all our dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports.  In vain would that man claim the tribute of patriotism who should labor to subvert these great pillars of human happiness."