The Crosses Of Life
by Rev. Robert J. Hermley

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One night as I knelt in prayer before retiring, I confessed my sins to God and then found myself bemoaning the crosses that God had given me.  Surely no one ever had as many crosses to bear, as I did.  "Why me," I asked of Christ.

I suddenly found myself in a valley of sand and everywhere my eye could see, I saw dead men's bones strewn about.  This is very much like the vision that Ezekiel saw, I thought; and even as I looked at the scene, Christ spoke to me from a distance.  I saw Him standing on a hill overlooking the valley of dead men's bones.  He was standing amidst thousands and thousands of large Crosses, each illuminated with the same bright light that radiated from Christ Himself.

"Yes", He said, "this is the valley I once showed to Ezekiel strewn with the bones of men who were spiritually dead.  They refused to heed my prophets then, and even now have persecuted my vicars on earth, Pope Paul VI and Pope John Paul II.  They have substituted the doctrine of "Thy will be done'; for my will be done.  If only they would listen to my word, I would make them live again.  I would bring them peace, joy and contentment.   I would gather them together as a mother gathers her young.

"Now these," He said, motioning toward the Crosses which were illuminated, "these are the glorious Crosses of the thousands and thousands of faithful servants who down through the centuries have kept My commandments and have accepted the Crosses I gave them without complaint.  Their faith made them believe My Words . . . My Yoke is easy and My burden light.  Their souls now illumine My heavens as do the galaxies of stars."  As He spoke, I noticed among the Crosses, one small one, tiny and not glowing as brightly as the rest.

Surely, Lord, I said this the Cross of a child perhaps an infant made to bear some suffering.

A look of sorrow crosses His Face, and He looked directly into my eyes with a sadness that seemed to draw tears to His Sacred Eyes.

"Alas, My son," He said, "this is YOUR cross.  You complained so much and so often that it was the only one I could give you without breaking your spirit.  You see how very small it is compared to all the rest."