Rev. Robert J. Hermley

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One cold, wintry Saturday morning as I drove to the University of Michigan very early in the morning, I noticed that the nightly dew on the grass had turned to frost as far as my eye could see on both sides of the road.  It gave a ghostly appearance to the grass - grayish white, frosty and cold looking.

On my return trip to Toledo in the early afternoon, however, after the sun had given forth its rays and warmth for some time, I noticed that the dew had melted and gave a fresh new look to the winter's grass.  It looked almost as though the grass had been freshly sprinkled with water as on a Summer's day after a heavy rainfall.  The dew drops glistened in the early afternoon's sun.  It was a warm scene pleasing to the eye.

How cold, I thought is the human heart that does not open itself to the son of God.  That soul would be covered with frost much like the frozen dew I had seen earlier in the day, cold, pale and dreary.  It would be like a never ending winter within the soul; but, just throw open the door of the heart and let in the Son. - What a transformation He makes.  Flowers spring up where once there was ice, and love and warmth arise where once there was indifference and coldness.

We all have seeds under the snow of our hearts waiting to blossom forth when the snow thaws, the frost melts and the warm sun helps these seeds to germinate.  Buds and flowers spring up.  It is a beautiful sight to behold.  Sun-shine can truly make a difference.

Lord, make the garden of my soul experience an everlasting Spring.