On Being Real
by Rev. Robert J. Hermley

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The Skin-Horse told the Velveteen rabbit that being real is a thing that happens to us.  "When a child loves you for a long time - not just to play with - but really loves, you, then you become real."

In other words, in life we become real only when others love us and realize our value.  People see our worth to them and they will love us - just as a child favors a toy when he sees a need to play with it and it becomes useful to him.

In the spiritual realm, however, God loves us from the very beginning of our existence.  He does not wait to see if we will become valuable to Him or even if we will serve Him.  He loves us from the start and this makes us real.  God hopes that knowing we are real to Him and purchased by His Most Precious Blood, that we will then understand how great His love is for us, and that in return we will make His presence and life real in our own lives.  Jesus wants to become real in us.

        O Jesus, come and live in me.  Be real to me.  Live in me and use my love to help others to become real who have not yet found You.