I Could Have Been President
by Rev. Robert J. Hermley

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"I could have been President," said the little boy, and all the other children laughed.

"But it's true, I really could have been."

All of the children had been saying what they would like to have been; and now it was his turn.

"Sure, I could have been President," he said again.  "My mother and father were both college graduates.  I would have had the brains.  They have the money.  They could have sent me to the best schools; I could have studied politics.

They were always complaining about what's wrong with the world.  I wish I could have shown them what is right with it, and what could be done to make it a better place.

I would have helped the poor, not by giving them a hand-out, but by creating good jobs for them.  I would have given them a fair wage.

I would have helped the aged and sick by building better homes for them after they had worked so hard and so long.

I would have pushed for peace in the world.  I would have been tough on those countries who practice totalitarianism, and who take away the people's rights to worship God.

I would have held out the olive branch with one hand, but kept the strength to protect myself with the other.

So many things I would have done if only I would have had the chance.  But like you, I'll never get the chance to try - my mother killed me by having an abortion."