How Lucky for the World
by Rev. Robert J. Hermley

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The woman was pregnant, and she heard what seemed to be a hundred reasons for an abortion:
She was single; she had no job.
 Her mother would be furious.
Her friends would chuckle.
     Her boyfriend would not help her.
       Her enemies would gloat.
   She might not find a job.
  She would be embarrassed.
How few would understand,
And who would know?

But she believed that abortion was murder.  So she brought her to term; raised her, loved her, braved the nasty crowd who ridiculed and judged her.

She paid double taxes to send her to a religious school.  The child grew big and strong.  She felt compassion for those who made mistakes.  She went to college; She became a doctor; And she discovered the cure for cancer!

How lucky for the World!