From Oblivion To Everlasting Remembrance

by Rev. Robert J. Hermley


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Simon was having an awful day; everything went wrong.  It was always the same for him.  His job was not steady.  His clothes were ragged.  He did not have much of an education.  No one really cared for him, and everyone agreed that he would never amount to much.  Who would ever care about him?  Perhaps no one would ever remember him when he had died.


A soldier going by recognized the neer-do-well and called out, “Simon of Cyrene, get over here and help this man carry the cross.”  A whiplash across his shoulder told Simon he had better obey; and Simon went from oblivion to everlasting remembrance.


O Lord, how often have I failed to recognize You in my brothers and sisters as they go to their Calvary?  How many times have I failed to bind their wounds with a kind word?  How many times have I allowed their bodies to ache, their hearts to be broken?  How many times have I allowed them to carry their crosses alone?


Help me in the future, Lord, to lift up the weight of their cross and bear it together with them for You.  I have often felt the pain of bearing my crosses alone; help me then, to understand their suffering and offer my time and my assistance to them to lighten their burdens and crosses as they journey through this valley of tears.


Help me, Lord, that I may never complain about the weight of my own cross; please give me, rather, the shoulders broad enough to bear it for love of You.  Perhaps no one on earth will ever know or remember that I did it, but I know Lord, that You will – because You promised, “Whatever you do to the least of these You do it unto Me.”


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