A Step At A Time
                                                                                                                             by Rev. Robert J. Hermley

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The little toddler had been crawling on the floor and his father had been eyeing him for some time.  At length, he put aside his newspaper, stood up and called to his young son.  "Stand up and walk over there to daddy."  He put out his arms and waited.

The toddler smiled, and obviously happy at the invitation, stood up with the support of a nearby chair.  He was unsteady at first, then let go and took a step or two towards his father.  He suddenly stumbled and fell.

For a moment he was stunned, and it seemed that he might cry, but the father encouraged him.  "Come on, son; you're doing fine.  You're O.K.  Try again."  The little fellow grinned, got up and tried again.  This time he did better - more steps than the first time, but suddenly he became unsteady and fell again.  However, he wasn't stunned this time.  He seemed, rather, to chuckle, got up and tried a third time.

This time he made it and walked into his father's waiting arms.  His laughter told the story of how proud he was of himself and a fatherly hug was the reward he had hoped for.  It was a happy joyous sight.

In heaven, our Divine Lord looks upon us, His children, on earth, "Come to Me all you who labor and are heavily burdened."  He says.  "Come to Me."  Overjoyed, we accept His invitation, but sometimes along the way, we trip.  We fall into sin.  We let temptation get the better of us.

We're stunned.  Wee didn't expect that.  We're discouraged; but our Heavenly Father says, "I'ts O.K.  Try again.  Come to me.:  And so we get up to try again; and, we must keep trying until at length we fall into the arms of a smiling, loving Father n death.  We must never cease trying.  We may advance slowly, but we will make it.

Wasn't it St. Augustine who told us that a lame man on the road is better than a runner off the road?