A New Kind Of Music
 by Rev. Robert J. Hermley


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The young boy loved rock-and-roll, but he was tired of the disgusting messages that were passed along in what was supposed to be music.  So-called singers glorified drugs, drink and sex, while they chanted anti-establishment rap; and in some cases voiced interstitial fascination for the occult.

Such songs counseled the young to question authority, flee from organized religion, do as you please and to think only of their comfort.  Some messages were not even hidden, but were blatantly anti-God, anti-family, and pandered to the lower nature of the human race.

This particular young man, however, knew he had musical talent and had grown up in a family where Catholic values were promoted and fostered.  So, instead of mouthing and imitating the gloom, doom and gore songs of an ephemeral nature, he began to write a new kind of music.  He began to write songs about people who lived, people who truly cared about others and respected others and their rights.  He wrote songs about happiness, laughter and courage.

He challenged youth n song to free themselves from peer pressure and to follow the wisdom of their parents who had a vested interest in their children's success.  He suggested that each youth could attempt to change a small portion of his own world into a nicer and enjoyable place to live.

He wrote songs that lifted the spirits of the young and suggested a new Children's Crusade to make America great again and to make themselves feel really deep-down happy about life by returning to the values of our funding fathers who engineered this great nation in the first place.

And a strange thing happened - his idea caught on and the young began to practice his message.  People everywhere, even the older folks, began to tap their feet to his music whenever they heard it.  They said his music made them feel good inside.  Each one taught one about great heroes, great lovers, and about what a great country it was becoming once again.  Men began to respect women again and women wanted to walk side by side with their mates rather than dominate them.  His sparks set the music world on fire with a new kind of music.

All of this happened because one young man had the courage to defy peer pressure and to be himself, cooperating with the talent God gave him, and to stop blaming evil on everyone else.  He knew success begins the moment we realize the mistakes of the past and vow not to repeat them again.