A Mother's Wounds 
by Rev. Robert J. Hermley

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The young mother was obviously tired.  She had just put her little boy to sleep and had slipped down on her knees beside his crib to offer a little prayer to God.

"They say You will know us by our wounds and scars dear Lord," she said. "We must bear our sufferings and crucifixion as You did; but I have suffered so little - just a headache from his crying, sore hands from all the scrubbing and cleaning up after him, sore feet from walking him up and down and chasing him about, and a frightened feeling in my heart when I heard him fall today . . . but Lord, I accepted it all out of love for him and You.  It was my duty."

"And that," whispered Jesus softly to the tired mother, "is your stigmata.  These are your wounds and scars."